Rules of the Road

Hiking in a group provides companionship and safety, but requires a little flexible from the hiker about how things are done. Outings run more smoothy when everyone does his part, so follow these guidelines for a fun and safe hike.

Preparing to hike

  1. Only sign up for outings that you are capable of doing. Check hike rating. Don’t sign up for a strenuous hike if you have never hiked before.
  2. Notify the hike leader that you plan to go on a hike.
  3. If you ride with someone, give the driver your fair share of gas money.
  4. Always be early to the meeting place and ready to go when you get there. We leave on time! (Well, we try to.)
  5. Be prepared with the right equipment. This especially includes sufficient water, raingear, and warmer clothing. See the FYI page for ideas. If in doubt, ask the hike leader.

Hiking in a group

  1. Listen to the hike leader and go along with his/her suggestions.
  2. Since you choose to hike with a group, you are expected to stay with the group on an outing. If for some reason you must leave the group before the end of the hike, notify the hike leader and the driver of your car. Otherwise we'll wonder if you fell off a cliff or were swept downstream.
  3. Notify the leader or sweep hiker if you are having problems. We can’t help you if we don’t know you are having problems. Do not continue on beyond your ability as you may get hurt worse or endanger the rest of the group.
  4. Hike at a comfortable pace between the leader and sweep hiker.
  5. If you have to leave the trail for any reason during the hike, leave something of yours on the trail that the sweep hiker will see. He/she will wait for you there to return to the trail.

Hiker responsibility

  1. We are a company of equals, hiking together. The hike leader organizes the hike logistics, but only you are responsible for your own actions. Exercise your good judgment on the hike when it comes to your safety and good health, and assist the group in coming to wise group decisions.
  2. Hikers under the age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who takes responsibility for their behavior and safety.

Trail manners

  1. Be considerate of your fellow hikers and other trail users.
  2. Practice low-impact hiking, i.e., stay on the trail, don’t take short cuts; pack it in, pack it out; take only pictures, leave only footprints; don’t pick the wildflowers; leave nature as you found it; leave no trace!
  3. Carry out all of your own trash. If you carry a small trash bag, you can also clean up any other trash you find along the trail.
  4. At all times during the outing, remember that you represent the TrailBlazers Hiking Club. Help us maintain our good reputation.