PicnicBlazersTwo score plus 3, give or take, TrailBlazers and at least 3 canines headed up to Devil’s Den on a hot, steamy afternoon for our end of season hike and picnic. If truth be told, and Yours Truly always tells the truth more or less, a fair number of our members took a vicarious hike by sitting around chatting in the shade! They will not be “outed” here since text length limitations on the home page preclude listing the names of so many slackers!

Two eager beaver contingents did take to the trails, with one group on Yellow Rock and the other on the Devil’s Den Trail where the falls were flowing. Yours Truly’s leg is still ailing from the canoe dump on a boulder on the wild Buffalo 3 weeks ago, but she did limp around to check out the beautiful falls over the dam and the great suspension bridge over the creek. A highlight of the afternoon was the arrival of Becky’s adorable twin grandchildren, a boy and girl, who were much admired! An unusual sight was Paul’s hair that looked more like a hair don’t than a hair do. A reliable source indicates that it is a rug than can be discarded!

Of course, we all came out of the woodwork to chow down on the wiener roast with all the salads, beans, desserts and other goodies brought by the members. Everything was very good, but it is fortunate that we only eat like this twice a year! See y’all in October to start a new season.