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Eighteen TrailBlazers under the command of Captain Katie headed to Oklahoma on a chilly, gray, blustery day to hike Rough Canyon Trail and check out the caves. It was a tad nippy while waiting in line to use the facilities, a time-consuming operation with so many hikers of the female persuasion in our club! Once we hit the trail it was not so windy, so it turned out to be a great day for hiking. In the fullness of time the sun even came out to warm us up and brighten the remains of fall foliage.

 Along the rocky trail we saw some fall color, some creek views and a pond as we meandered up, down, and around. When we finally reached the cave area, lots of people were scrambling around exploring. We took a different boulder-strewn route to climb up to Belle Starr’s Cave but we all did it safely with the aid of helping hands. Some fearless young Boy Scouts were learning to rock climb with ropes on a safe wall. The views were beautiful as we scampered up and also looking out at the valley from the high cave where Belle was a no-show. When we arrived back at the parking lot, some chilly winds were swirling around, so we headed to the Visitors Center to have a look-see and eat a very civilized lunch at a long table in the warm museum room!


Great day! Come join us at Lee Creek on the 29th to work off the turkey – a short drive and a short afternoon hike!