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After the fiasco of the Great American Turkey Weekend Washout, fifteen TrailBlazers and one canine under the command of Judith and Ed were more than ready to head for Lake Lincoln on a sunny day to get the lead out. It was a little chilly early on but in no time we warmed up trekking up and down.

First we headed to the dam area to see some great views of the lake. Considering the recent heavy rains, we opted not to cross the dam to hike around the lake because it might have resulted in a chilly wet crossing with boots off!

Next we headed back toward the lower loop to hike on some rocky trails with neat boulders and rocky bluffs galore as well as several views of the lake. This park is a “loopy” place with upper, lower, and lake loops and can be somewhat confusing. Nevertheless we found a neat lunch area with rocks to sit on and then continued on down the lower loop and eventually decided to retrace our steps back to avoid having a ground hog day adventure! (Been there, done that, before!) After reaching the road we hiked down to another trail near the lake to head back to the cars. Some of the boys tried to remove a dead tree from a utility building, but wisely gave in to our advice that they might get hurt!

What a great day to be outdoors! Let’s hope for another great day for Lake Fort Smith next Saturday!