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Twenty-six TrailBlazers, including several welcome new faces, finally launched our first hike of 2016 on a new trail for the club, the Greenwood Trail up to Bell Park on top of a bluff.  The weather did not cooperate last week, so with Becky at the helm it was great to get the lead out after a hiatus of several weeks!

After meeting at the City Hall parking lot, we had to decide if we wanted to do a shuttle and hike only 3 miles to the top or to also hike back down by taking a 1 ½ mile shortcut.  Most of us were tough enough to go the roundtrip distance, but some didn’t.  Names are being withheld to protect the guilty but Yours Truly might be open to a bribe!

Starting out, we hiked on a paved trail with creek views as well as glimpses here and there of downtown Greenwood.  Eventually we came to a gravel road and started hoofing upward to the bluff.  It was on this section that some of us realized that our holiday break hadn’t been good for our physical fitness and our vital lung capacity!  In the fullness of time, we reached the park and were treated to some lovely birds’ eye views of Greenwood.