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Twenty TrailBlazers and one canine under the command of Captain Linda headed up the Pig Trail on a cold and gray morning to hike the loop that is across from the Redding Campground.  The good news was that no rain was predicted and none materialized for our 7 1/2 mile hike (if electronic devices are to be believed!).

 Hiking the loop clockwise, we started climbing upward and winding our way through groves of pine trees.  Several of our hikers, including Linda, were bundled up and even had their faces covered like masked bandits.  The cold wasn’t really too bad because it wasn’t windy, but gloves were certainly in order and some of us even broke out the hand warmers.  Yours Truly had to ditch her thin cheapo stretch mittens for the large bulky ones making it difficult to operate her camera; this will be a good excuse for any bad pics!  In addition to protecting our feet from rocks, we also had to watch the ground because Wiley Coyote and others of his ilk had not observed trail etiquette and had left fresh “scat” on the trail!  Lots of lovely frost flowers lined the trail.

 In the fullness of time we reached the turnoff to Spy Rock where we headed down to the beautiful overlook to eat lunch with a view and take pics.  Turning back, we completed the other side of the loop, now in sunshine, and saw icicles in the rocks, a rock cairn, velvety moss, and some ferns.  At the end Tom and YT checked out the old family cemetery just off the road where there is a very unusual gravestone.

 Great day for a hike!