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Nineteen Trailblazers, 2 canines and 2 hikers we found on the road to the Sphinx had a perfect day for hiking the Ozarks. We started on the short, but steep hike up to the rock formation known as the Arkansas Sphinx. There we met Jen and Joey, from Bentonville, looking for the trail head. They parked and joined us on the hike. Everyone who attempted the hike up the mountain made it to the top.  The trip down was a little more treacherous with several slips and falls, but luckily only one dislocated finger.  He was goofing around later in the day so I guess he wasn't injured too badly. 

 Then it was on to Buzzard's Roost.  That 6.5 miles trip off the highway gets longer every time.  A huge mud hole met us a the very beginning of the trail and continued for quite a while, most easily gotten around.  It was a mostly, easy hike down to the Roost, at least until we hit the 3 way fork in the trail.  Thank goodness for cell towers and Google we found directions for the right fork and found the big rocks at Buzzard's Roost where we had lunch in the wonderful, dry, January sunshine. I even got a little sunburn. After lunch we slipped and slid down the hill to go down below the rocks to check out the nooks and crannies.  Lots of pictures were taken.  

Then it was back up the hill to the short trail off to the natural arch or bridge.  Another super scenic picture spot.  The hike back to the car was steeper than I remembered but everyone made it out.  I heard some tried to get a ride on an off road vehicle but they declined to give her a ride. We were glad to have Jen and Joe join us on the hikes and enjoyed seeing their pics on the Trailblazers’ Facebook page.  Hope they come join us again.

When we got back to the Cloverleaf parking lot, we found that one of the group had left the driver's side window down their car.  It appears to have been left untouched.  Nice knowing their are honest people around, but I wouldn't count on it routinely!