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Thirty-three TrailBlazers and 2 canines made the short drive to Springhill Park for our end of season picnic.  Normally we meet at Devil’s Den but a computer glitch at the park made us lose our reservation. Nevertheless, Springhill was fine for our get together.


We certainly lucked out on the weather.  Two weeks ago we hiked during the Buffalo Weekend in rather soggy conditions.  Last week we canceled the Marinoni hike due to heavy rains in the River Valley and NWA.  Today was a lovely sunny day for a change!

 Several of us did a short hike with Danny leading and even Billigene went with them!  We were so glad to see her at the picnic as well as Bonanza Bob..  Of course we ate a lot of munchies and sweets before our wiener roast, so some of us were a little full before we officially ate.  There was nothing new about that; it is tradition!

 Mostly we visited this afternoon and caught up with everyone’s news.  Ed and Tom rode their bikes.

 Thank you to Becky for organizing the picnic and everyone for bringing side dishes, snacks, and desserts.  See you all at the kickoff picnic in the fall!