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About 65 TrailBlazers had a warm and sunny day to drive up to Devil’s Den to kick off our new season.  We had a great turnout and we were happy to see old friends as well as to meet new ones.


In spite of the heat and humidity a bunch of us hiked the Devil’s Den Trail from two directions and met each other in the middle.  We passed the Devil’s Den Cave that is no longer open and continued on to the Ice Box, also no longer open to the public, but still full of cool air that felt wonderful!


A smaller group hiked up the Yellow Rock trail and others walked along Lee Creek if they wanted something a little easier.  Alas, the lack of good rains meant that there was no water falling over the dam and the waterfall on the Devils Den Trail was just a drip!


As usual, we had our wiener roast at the pavilion and chowed down on all the chips and dips, salads, hot dishes, fruit plates, chicken, desserts and what have you.  This was a good time to socialize and eat ourselves silly while encouraging everyone to join our hikes starting next weekend to work it off!


Help me out if I have misspelled names, mixed them up, or had a senior moment and couldn’t remember!


See you at Mt. Nebo!


 Pictures are below - click on any one to enlarge and then hit arrows at right to make a slide show.