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Twenty-three TrailBlazers, under the command of Danny and his able assistant Becky, headed for the Pelsor area on a very brisk morning, but nowhere near as cold as at least three hikes that Yours Truly can dredge up from the deepest recesses of her brain!  It was a beautiful drive with blue skies and sunshine and touches of fall color here and there.  Wild Bill, a glutton for punishment, chose to ride his motorcycle but he was appropriately decked out for the weather!  We were once again pleased to welcome some newcomers and tried not to scare them off on their first visit!


When we arrived at the parking lot there already were several cars there but their owners probably didn’t drive as far as we did!  Of course it took quality time for people to use the rustic restroom that is just a one-holer.  Whose lame idea was that?  Certainly not a woman’s idea!  The fairer sex has strong views on this subject!


After the group picture, part of time-honored TrailBlazer tradition, we hot footed it down the trail to the Bluffs hoping to see waterfalls that we felt certain that we weren’t going to see!  We were right but it is still worth trekking down there to get warmed up and to see the beautiful scenery with some fall color along the bluff line.  Of course, there was an uphill climb to finish the loop so we could start the other loop to Pedestal Rocks where we had a beautiful rocky bluff with views of the valleys below and a scenic view as the setting for lunch.


Pedestal Rocks is a real crowd pleaser.  For those who are hiking this loop for the first time, they do not realize at first that part of the trail has large caves underneath.  Along the rim trail there are some rocky steps that lead down to the area below the trail that let us access the caves. The biggest cave has a cathedral ceiling and a couple of large “rooms,” a closet per Bill, a skylight, and a large triangular window.  What more could you want?  We didn’t see Fred and Wilma Flintstone but they would love to stay here.


Pictures do not do justice to the soaring pedestals and all the neat caves that one could spend quality time exploring.  After a while, we had to head back to the cars for the long ride home.


Great day on the trail!


If you plan to hike at Mt. Magazine next week, please sign up on this site.


Pictures are below.  Click on any pic to enlarge and then click on the arrows at right to make a side show.