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We were surprised to find that the Corp didn't know we were coming... and the gates to the parking lot were locked. You can't keep us from the trails, so we entered (at our own risk). 


Twenty-three hikers showed up for the after Thanksgiving trek and the weather could not have been better. We first passed the old homestead on the way up the hill overlooking the lake, which is at a very low level. We then headed downhill and to the cemetery. 


Our next destination was Cracked Rock Loop. Several explored the rocks and the view from the bluff. Next, we crossed the (dry) creek to the Homestead Loop. We hiked to the north end trail along the northern boundary fence, then back through the homestead area.


There were several new people on the hike and they all seemed to have a good time. We hope today's hike will help stir the desire in us all to GET OUT and enjoy nature.

If you plan to hike at Hawksbill Crag next Sat., please sign up on the site.


Pics are below.  Click on any one to enlarge and then click on arrow at right to create a slide show.