TrailBlazers made their annual spring trip to Glory Hole, Magnolia Falls and Woods Boys Falls. 

Since we went a couple of weeks earlier than usual, the trees have not leafed out and there were no wildflowers except an occasional purple violet. The beautiful little wild irises were not even showing their leaves yet.  However, due to plenty of rainfall this winter, Glory Hole had a very nice flow of water. There were several hikers who had never been so they got to see it in all its glory!  It’s a quick hike down to Glory Hole but a slower, steep climb coming out and since the sun made an appearance, we warmed up quickly.

After a short drive, we arrived at the trailhead for Magnolia Falls. It is an easy hike in along the old, rock fence that homesteaders built many years ago. There is also an impressive area with huge, boulders that have broken off the mountain.  Upon arriving at the falls, we immediately found a lunch spot and ate while enjoying the sight and sound. We were only able to view Woods Boys Falls from the top but it had a strong flow also.  Years ago, the club hiked on down the main trail and worked our way back around to view Woods Boys Falls from the bottom.  It proved to be a very tiring venture so did not consider that today.  Also, due to the forecast of possible storms, we were hoping to get back home before they arrived.  We drove into rain between Alma and Van Buren, but that’s all - no lightening, wind or hail. Overall, it was a perfect day for hiking with a great group of TrailBlazers.

Text: Becky

Pictures: Becky, Peggy, Steve, Linda