Eighteen TrailBlazers traveled to Hell Creek Lodge in Mountain View for the annual spring hiking trip. 

After all arrived on Wednesday afternoon, we had our usual first-evening meal of hot dogs. Since it was windy and difficult to get a fire started in the outdoor fireplace, our guys roasted the wieners on the grill.  Along with the hot dogs, we had assorted dips and chips and birthday cookie for our birthday girl, Linda. 

Thursday morning we traveled to Blanchard Springs Recreation Area to hike the middle section of the Sylamore Creek Trail.  There was some confusion and three of the four cars went to the wrong area but finally figured out where they were supposed to be.  By the time they arrived at the correct area, the four in the other car had already started hiking the trail. Eventually they caught up and we finished the trail together.  The trail climbed high above Sylamore Creek through rocks and forest spotted with Dogwood trees, Red Buds and wildflowers. We ended the day with a big home-cooked meal, playing games, cards or TV viewing.

Friday morning our destination was the Buffalo River area northeast of Mountain View.  At Buffalo Point, we hiked the beautiful Indian Rockhouse trail that begins high and takes you down into the valley where there are waterfalls, streams, caves, sink holes and a large rock over hang with a pool of water inside it.  We had lunch there before climbing up out of the valley. From there we drove down to the Buffalo River where we skipped rocks across the water and admired the beautiful bluff line and emerald green water. Next destination – Rush, an abandoned mining town where there is a trail through the area with signs marking the spot where buildings used to stand. That evening, we enjoyed another home-cooked meal along with birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate Danny’s birthday.

Friday morning we had bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy before heading home in the rain.  We were fortunate to have two beautiful days to hike and everyone had a great time.

Text: Becky

Picture Credits: Becky, Gloria, Linda, Deborah, Audrey, Patty