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Twenty TrailBlazers had a beautiful day to chase waterfalls along Hwy 123.

The first waterfall was right across the highway from the parking area, but we headed up a road to the left.  It was soon evident that was a dead end so back to the road where we very quickly found our way to the Hwy 123 waterfall which was flowing very nicely. From there we headed to the Arkansas Sphinx and climbed 900 feet up the mountain for a close up view. From the top we were rewarded with gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Coming down was much easier than going up! On to Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area where we found seats on the rocks with a view of the falls and had a lunch break. From there we walked through the campground to the creek and worked our way up and over the rocks to Pack Rat Falls. Next destination was Pam's Grotto a couple of miles down the road from Haw Creek. To reach the waterfall was about 1/2 mile of up, up and more up walking. The waterfall is very unique and worth the effort.