The Ozark Mountains were beautiful this spring morning as we drove to Glory Hole.

With warm temperature, the wind helped cool us off as we made our way down the mountain and across the creek. The spring flowers were blooming along the trail. With plentiful rain the last few weeks, the creek was flowing nicely.  We stopped at the hole and took a look before making our way down the mountain to view the falls from below.  It is a very scenic area with huge rock boulders. Getting to the hole is easy but it is a steady climb up the mountain to return to the cars.

From Glory Hole we headed to Magnolia Falls, a short distance away. There is about a mile hike into the woods to reach the falls.  It, too, was flowing well and provided plenty of rocks to sit on and eat lunch.  There were blooming dogwoods scattered through the woods.  There is a wall of rocks that runs beside the trail for a while.  We surmise that a family built the wall as they cleared land to plant crops back in the 1800's.  

TrailBlazers hiking season ends next Saturday when we hike to the Marinoni Scenic Area on the Ozark Highland Trail.