On a frigid morning seven TrailBlazers bundled up and headed to Petit Jean State Park to hike Seven Hollows Trail.

Usually when we go to Petit Jean the parking lot is full of cars. Not so this time.  We quickly got our stuff together, took our group picture and hit the trail following it clockwise. First stop on the trail was at the large rock arch.  We climbed through it and up the hill to observe the unique area of "turtle" rocks. Our next stop was at the grotto where we always stop for lunch break. There was a small amount of water coming over the waterfall. The trail continues along passing rock formations and chunks of rock laying below. Petit Jean State Park is a beautiful area and offers, not only hiking, but also cabin rentals, dining at Mather Lodge with a spectacular view, and a new visitors center down the road sitting beside a lake.  We stopped at an observation area to look at Cedar Falls and it was completely dry. Not a drop of water falling.