TrailBlazers had a lovely day to hike to Glory Hole and Magnolia Falls.

We arrived at parking for Glory Hole and headed down the mountain. The dogwood trees were blooming and several varieties of wild flowers were spotted along the trail. The stream that flows through Glory Hole was running and had a strong flow.  We then picked our way down the mountain to view the waterfall from below. It is quite impressive. After our climb back up the mountain, we headed to Magnolia Falls.

The hike to Magnolia Falls and Woods Boys Falls is about 2.5 miles roundtrip. There were blooming dogwood trees all along the trail. The falls were flowing nicely. The Magnolia trees had already bloomed but there was one special surprise - a clump of miniature irises. After lunch, we hiked out and headed home.  However, my car made one tasty stop in Clarksville. A new Dairy Queen has opened adjacent to McDonalds!