TrailBlazers will hike Sunday afternoon, April 21st, at Lee Creek Reservoir.  On the northwest edge of the parking lot sits the entrance to the Homestead and the Crack in the Rock trails. In order to get to the fork with both trails, you have to pass by the Bodine Cemetery with graves dating back over 100 years. 

After passing through the clearing, you can hop across the creek and travel along the Homestead Trail. It's a 3.3 mile loop up the slightly steep terrain. There are scenic overlooks of the water draining in the Lee Creek Reservoir to look forward to at the top!

After coming down the mountain and crossing the creek, the trail goes up the hill and passes the interesting geological feature known as the Crack in the Rock. The crack originated out of the Arkoma Basin and is formed out of sandstone. Although it is deep, you can see the bottom and jump across the crack if you want to! Past the crack, the trail also features two waterfalls and continues along the creek with more rock formations overhanging. The trail makes a loop and heads down the hill back towards the parking lot. 

Please sign up at if you plan to hike. You can meet at the reservoir parking lot at 2 PM or at the north entrance to WalMart parking lot in Van Buren at 1:30 PM if you want to carpool/caravan.