TrailBlazers made their annual spring trip to Glory Hole, Magnolia Falls and Woods Boys Falls. 

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Eleven hikers and one dog didn’t start hiking the Boy Scout Trail at Petit Jean State Park until noon.

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TrailBlazers mission for hiking the 8 1/2 mile amazing Buckeye Mountain/Caney Creek trails was to get it hiked before the rain came.

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Thirty-six Trailblazers, guests and 6 dogs took the long and winding road to the top of White Rock Mountain. 

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We were scheduled to go to Sam’s Throne today but it was canceled for the second time due to the forecast of storms Saturday morning.

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The weather cooperated so the TrailBlazers had a second chance at the Cove Lake Loop hike. 

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The mild weather brought out a large group of TrailBlazers to hike to Hawksbill Crag and Kings River Falls.

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