Ten TrailBlazers made the trip up the Pig Trail to Hwy 215 to hike Redding Loop.

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Fifteen TrailBlazers traveled I-49 to Devils Den State Park to hike a new-to-us trail - the Devils Racetrack!

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Eight TrailBlazers headed to Northwest Arkansas to hike Twin Mountains Trail on a cold, frosty morning.

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On a 27-degree morning, fifteen TrailBlazers braved the cold to hike Cove Lake Loop Trail.

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Thirteen TrailBlazers walked the trails at Chaffee Crossing on a cool, sunny Sunday afternoon.

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Ten TrailBlazers traveled north to hike the rugged, scenic trail around Lake Lincoln.

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Nine TrailBlazers met at Lee Creek Recreation Area on a beautiful, winter afternoon to hike the Homestead, Cemetery Loop and Crack-in-the-Rock trail.

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