From shivering in the cold at Home Depot parking lot to a windy greeting at the Visitor’s Center on Mt Magazine to layer shedding on the trail, TrailBlazers experienced a 30-degree warm up during our hike on the Bear Hollow Trail. 

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Seventeen TrailBlazers hiked the Seven Hollows Trail on Petit Jean Mountain. 

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It was a spectacular Fall day for the 15 Trailblazers that made the journey to Ponca, Arkansas to hike to Big Bluff. The foliage was vibrant along Hwy 21 and was a special treat on the drive to and from. 

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Nineteen hikers showed up on a foggy morning to hike Pedestal Rocks loop trails.

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With a forecast of rain, fifteen TrailBlazers headed to Mt Nebo to hike the rim trail. 

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With most of the regular hike leaders on their way home from Acadia National Park, Steve stepped up to lead the first hike of the 2018-19 hiking season.

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Nineteen TrailBlazers made their way to Bar Harbor, ME on September 29th to hike in Acadia National Park. 

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