Twenty-eight TrailBlazers and 4 canines under the command of Buffalo Bob headed up Highway 23 on a gray day to once again hike the loop, this time in reverse direction from last time. Skies were leaden and humidity was high, but temps were good for hiking as we set out. Our crack forecasters had told us rain and cooler temps were coming in late in the day, so we knew we were in the clear so to speak – dream on! No sooner had we started trekking the side trail to Spy Rock when it seemed that the high humidity had changed to a light sprinkle and then a light rain. 

Spy Rock with its scenic view is always a highlight of this trail, and it still was; it just was dressed in somber colors today. The precipitation put something of a damper on our plans, so we skipped the “leisurely” part of our al fresco meal. After heading back to the main trail, some of us continued back on the East Loop Trail and some high-tailed it down the road, cutting off some distance, to return to their cars. Yours Truly knows the names and emails of these slackers as well the names of others who signed up and didn’t show up for the hike, and would spare them humiliation by withholding this info for a financial consideration! 

It rained on and off as we continued back on the trail, and it was a little slick in spots. Rain and clouds have their own kind of beauty, so it wasn’t bad at all. Fortunately, we were homeward bound before it started raining in earnest. It’s all good – we need the rain!