A Cecil B. DeMille-sized entourage of two score and three TrailBlazers plus two canines (actually one and a half!), under the direction of Buffalo Bob, headed up The Pig Trail to hike Redding Loop from the campground. In addition to newcomers from last week who were crazy enough to give us another chance, we had another bunch of newcomers today. To boot, this was a three-Bob hike! 

In effort to prove that old dogs CAN learn new tricks, Bob had us hike the 6-mile loop from east to west, rather than our usual way, and we were up to the challenge. The day started out cool and hazy as we looped around on the east side of the road before crossing the highway to start our climb. A long line of trekkers was strung out along the trail as not all of us are Energizer Bunnies and some are vertically-challenged with short legs like Yours Truly! Along the way we saw blue hazy views through the trees, some little creeks and a small waterfall. At the halfway point we had to make a decision whether to make the 1.7 mile side trip to Spy Rock or continue back on the West Loop. It was a split decision, but those of us who hiked to the Rock were rewarded with great views under sunny skies from the high bluff over the valley. It was a neat lunch spot before heading down the mountain. 

A handful of us walked through the small, 19th century Hill Family Cemetery, full of history, that was located close to our cars. There is one particularly poignant tombstone for a murdered toddler that tugs at your heartstrings. Another great stretch of the leg today!