Thirty TrailBlazers headed to Falling Water Road on a crisp, sunny morning to find five waterfalls. The first stop was Falling Water Falls and it was running quite well. Another 5 miles down the road we found parking spots on either side of the bridge across Falling Water Creek and took our group pictures. Wilson led us up the trail to 16-foot Fuzzy Butt Falls that was situated in a V-shaped canyon with tall rugged bluffs on either side. From there we hiked back to Six Finger Falls, a low 6-foot rock ledge with water rushing over between the "six fingers", where we all found a spot to sit, eat lunch, survey the beautiful surroundings and listen to the rush of water. Reaching our next destination, Horsetail Falls, proved to be a little more difficult as we had to climb up the mountain along the drainage area. The 70-foot falls were running nicely and the cool air was very refreshing after the difficult scramble up the mountain. From here we hiked back to our starting point and continued down the road for another mile or so where we bushwhacked down to Intersection Falls, a 31-foot waterfall. We then set off to find Keefe Falls on the other side of the road. After climbing and bushwhacking up the mountain, we came to a pretty little area where all but our leader, Wilson, and sweep, Dwayne, waited while they tried to find the elusive falls. They came back to report they could hear the water and it was probably another 1/4 mile or so up the mountain. By that time, the rest of us decided to call it a day and headed back along the Ozark Highland Trail to the cars. It was an absolutely perfect day for our waterfalls adventure. Driving back to Van Buren, it was very hazy and before long we spotted about three different plumes of smoke in the distance. The weatherman later reported there had been several controlled burns in the area.