Twenty TrailBlazers, one canine and one cockatiel (yup!) headed up north of Ozark with Brian Emfinger to see some remote falls that were new to all of us and a real treat. The weather was beautiful, not so hot as the last few weeks, and with no showers. After traveling slowly over some really dusty gravel roads, we reached out first destination: Bingham Hollow Falls, discovered by Brian, on one of his many hikes. Brian is a REAL TrailBlazer! The trek was relatively short, but steep and rocky in places. Cameras were clicking and flashing non-stop. After exploring the area, we found the upward trek to be easier. 

Next we headed down the road on foot to pick up another dirt road to find Sentinel Rock Falls. This was quite an adventure because after trekking through some magnificent patches of poison ivy, we had to get down a wet cliff edge and navigate on a narrow ledge for a short distance. Brian had put a rope in place and we managed unscathed with the help of Brian, Dewayne, Ruth Ann, and other helpful hands. The canyon where the falls are located is rough, rocky, and rugged but we made our way to the falls and spent quality time there taking pics and eating lunch. On this hike most of us got some muddy souvenirs on our clothes, with Yours Truly falling flat down in the mud and rolling over in it to win the coveted Her Name is Mud Award. 

Next we drove to the trail of White Oak Falls and were thrilled with the sight of a large fall with lots of water. It is a delightful place. After giving herself a splash bath in the creek, Yours Truly did not shame the TrailBlazers nor get herself evicted at McDonald’s where the strict dress code precludes admission of muddy transients of dubious character! We had a great day and want to give Brian a big thank you for sharing his discoveries with us.