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At least twenty six hikers braved a fierce wind and dropping temperatures to make the loop around Alma Lake. Not everyone signed up and getting the group together for a picture proved challenging, thus the estimated total.  We did get together for a partial group picture at the intersection leading to the waterfall, later dubbed the water drizzle.  Those who had not seen it before enjoyed the short hike off the main trail.


 Due to the fact that we had several new hikers, (and we have been known to set such a pace that discourages new hikers from returning), it was decided we should split into two groups.  Kenya led the faster, more experienced hikers.  Gloria led the more sedate hikers with Linda sweeping.  With the bridge having been washed away, we did have one wet crossing.


 Fall colors were still apparent, yet muted, and leaves on the trail covered some difficult footing.  The new hikers soldiered on and seemed to have a good time.  The walk across the dam made us all realize how protected we were from the wind while in the woods. It felt like it could blow you off your feet!  The parking lot was full when we first started the hike because there was a disc golf tournament taking place.  I guess the wind made it difficult for them, too, as many had left when we got back.  Thanks to everyone for being flexible.