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The November General Meeting featured Tim Ernst and his slideshow of pictures from his new book, "Arkansas Beauty".  Tim has presented several slide shows in years past for the TrailBlazers and this one was certainly up to par.

The theme of the show could almost be "every picture has a story."  Before the slideshow, Tim described the story behind several pictures.  Afterwards, the audience asked for the backstory of pictures that caught their interest.  For some pictures, this was technical details about the shot. For others it was the story that led up to the shot or a pratfall Tim took while taking the shot.  Considering Tim has taken over 4 million pictures as a professional photographer, that's a lot of stories.

The meeting wound up with a raffle, where Becky and Bob had helpers in drawing the winning numbers.  Amoung the prizes were calendars and pictures donated by Tim.  Thanks, Tim!