Eleven hikers and one dog didn’t start hiking the Boy Scout Trail at Petit Jean State Park until noon.

To coordinate with Mother Nature on when the rain was moving out of the area, we didn't leave Van Buren till 9 AM. On arrival, since it was late we decided to eat lunch first in the very nice Mather Lodge. We had a little rain when we first started hiking but it finally quit and cleared out. The trail was absolutely stunning. Since it was cloudy and wet, the moss colors of different shades of green were just popping. The budding trees were gorgeous. It would be great to just go hiking everyday to enjoy the changes of spring. This trail has so many scenic overlooks to enjoy the views at Petit Jean. On any hike you have to be on guard with your footing and especially with wet trails. One of our hikers slipped in the mud going downhill and twisted a knee. We were near the Red Bluff Drive so I flagged down a park ATV and the park ranger took them back to their vehicle at the lodge. Gloria took over leading the hike for me. They all enjoyed the nice flowing water from Cedar Falls and, of course, the climb back up to the lodge on all the steps. Since the temperature had dropped, a fire had been started in the lodge and I got to stay warm and cozy waiting on the hikers to finish the trail. Get up, Get out – Hike Arkansas!

Text: Linda

Pictures: Linda, Gloria, Steve